Waste of makeup

We’ve all had one of those days. It started off so great, the birds were chirping as we arose on time after a restful night’s sleep. No need to hit the snooze button. We had ample time to do our makeup, finally perfecting our eyebrows after spending weeks attempting to get the perfect arch. We cruised to work, on the way there was no traffic and every single traffic light was green. We sailed through the door grinning from ear to ear ready to tackle the tasks ahead and check off our to-do list… but by 10:00 a.m. the Prince of Darkness had already reared his awful head. 

We got into a heated confrontation with a co-worker and had to seriously consider resigning on the spot. By 11:00 a.m. the Internet crashed, slowing us down even further when we already had a backlog from yesterdays workload. By midday things were going downhill fast, we dropped and cracked the screen of the brand new phone we had just got two days prior and stood in line three hours for. Things only seemed to get worse as the day progressed. By the time we got home after sitting in traffic for almost two hours due to roadworks, we slumped over the steering wheel so deflated, we had to take a moment to compose ourselves. We got inside the house, stomach growling only to find slim pickings in the refrigerator, we let out a deep sigh and said “today was a total waste of makeup.”

We have all been there. It may not have been the same scenario but the feeling at the end of the day was the same. Was today really necessary? Did that have to happen to me? Yes it was and yes it did. Every negative experience in life is a learning lesson. Every bad encounter is in preparation for next time, should it ever occur again. Don’t let it get you down, instead ask yourself, how can I grow from this? What can I do differently next time? Even the worst days can build strength and character. Not everyday can be perfect, life is bound to throw punches. But by reflecting on those past experiences you’ll be armoured up perfectly for the next round of jabs that come your way. It would be great if we could sail through life wrapped in jumbo bubble wrap, where no harm could penetrate and troubles would bounce away but what kind of life would that be? When life’s inevitable pitfalls occur, it can make you appreciate what you have more, cherish your loved ones more, give you hope for tomorrow and make you even more grateful for the delightful days ahead. They are sure to come. It sounds cliche but it could always be worse. Be thankful for each day no matter how bad it was, you made it through. It will be a brighter day tomorrow, so put that makeup back on that beautiful face. You can handle the challenges, it’s not a waste.

sunshine outta the rain

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