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First impression

With Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick for darker skin tones, first impressions matter.

She sat at the table in the corner with a full glass of red wine. Blind date.
She sipped from her glass whilst glancing around the bar. The atmosphere is pretty chilled,
some couples appeared to have been together a long time, others not, you can just tell.
People watching can be fun, but then a guy arrives, and holds her attention.

He’s tall, confident looking, about the right age. Is this him? he looks furtively left and right….
yes, must be him! Eyes eventually meet and nervous smiles light up faces. Introductions are
made, more drinks ordered. Let’s hope he can actually hold a conversation, she thought.
Turns out they were talking for hours, getting on like the proverbial house on fire, and are
still together today.

Our lipstick is named after this tale of romance. I saw it all happen, I was there –
at the bar named Wicked Lady. I’ve worn it many times, and it gives me the sass and
confidence to seize the day, I’m sure it will for you!


Myah: Lipstick sophistication

In developing Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick for darker skin tones, this lipstick is the first
on my list. It is my very favourite. A personal story, it is the story of a mother who, having all
boys of her own, being given the gift of a precious, charming and bright granddaughter.

There are no adjectives to adequately describe Myah my granddaughter. Myah the lipstick however,
you can describe. The plum red of the lipstick is one of Myah’s favourite colours – and just like her,
is vivacious and fun with a slightly cheeky side! There is room for more than a hint of sophistication
though, as I have matched this colour perfectly with business wear and the pressures of my working day.
I have also found it to be a good choice when just out having fun, too.