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Believe they are true

When someone pays you a compliment, do you say “thank you, I appreciate your kind words”
or are you quick to respond with a counter-argument?

Examples being: “Really, I haven’t lost any weight. Have you seen the size of these thighs?
In fact I’ve gained a few pounds, I’ve been eating too many pies.”

“I look younger, that can’t be, I look every bit of my age and more, no father time has
not been kind to me.”

“I look pretty today, thank you, but, I can’t hide these blemishes or clear this skin up.”

Does that sound like you? If so, work on erasing those negative thoughts from your mind.
If someone pays you a compliment, be glad they did and accept it.
There is no need to refute it, believe it is true. 

It’s always so easy to downplay our beauty and exaggerate our flaws. Everybody has flaws.
Even those who are considered the most beautiful people in the world have their own insecurities.
We must learn to see the beauty in everyone and focus on their positive attributes.
In doing so we will accentuate the positive in ourselves.

Wipe away negativity. Just like the energetic school teacher feverishly cleaning an old blackboard
in a classroom. They could wipe away the words but there would still be chalk residue.
The more words the teacher wrote and wiped away, the greater the build up of chalk residue
there would be on the blackboard, changing the colour from black to ashy grey to almost white.
That’s how negative thoughts creep in and settle in our minds, the longer we leave those words
of doubt engraved in our psyche, the harder they are to erase. It’s time for us to bring out that special cleaner.

There is no time like the present, start right now and celebrate something you love about yourself today.
Receive the compliments and know they are true. You are uniquely you, there is no one like you.

We come in all shapes and sizes, we come in all hues. Here at Dark Secrets Cosmetics,
we celebrate the beauty in you.

Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick lineup


Be fabulous!

Be fabulous at 40! Be fabulous at any age!

Put on that happy face.

Cheers to 40. I used to dread getting older but now I embrace it. Not another year older but another year wiser.
I didn’t even celebrate my last birthday. Instead of going out with friends I chose to stay at home so I didn’t
have to say my age out loud, or hear it . The next morning I thought to myself, I am still one year older than
I was yesterday. Did my wallowing in self pity turn back the hands of time? Did my frown add another year
to my life? From that moment on I decided each new day is a day to be celebrated. And I would never spend
another birthday feeling sorry for myself because every day above ground is a blessing.

So how will you embrace the start of each new day? Do not let your age define you. You are never too old to
start again. Before you get to that next birthday have you set that plan in motion to realize your dreams?
I am not the same person I was in my twenties, and am grateful for the life experiences that shaped the
person I am today. I am still evolving. What else is there for me to learn and draw upon?  I look forward
to the next decade. 

Every new day is a chance to rediscover yourself. It’s time to stop procrastinating and be just what world is
waiting for. Put on that bold lipstick color, put on your happy face and seize the day. What lipstick color
makes you feel fierce and fabulous? Put it on today and say here I come world, here I come.


Lipstick stories: Natural, or nude colours

These colours are inspired by my native land Mama Africa. The dirt road, different shades of brown surrounded with lush green untouched forest.
Trees alive, leaves kissing and breathing life to us. Osun the goddess of fertility has been watching over her people for years. The calm and peace
of the forest overwhelming. It’s a home coming, Africa my Africa.

The rich browns of the colour blend well with all melanin tones. These colours have a sophistication with a hint of mysticism that is charismatic
and sacred just like Osun. You will love these colours because they are your everyday wear that speaks boldly about your heritage.

You will love these colours. They speak boldly about your African heritage, but are suitable for absolutely anyone, wherever you are from.


First impression

With Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick for darker skin tones, first impressions matter.

She sat at the table in the corner with a full glass of red wine. Blind date.
She sipped from her glass whilst glancing around the bar. The atmosphere is pretty chilled,
some couples appeared to have been together a long time, others not, you can just tell.
People watching can be fun, but then a guy arrives, and holds her attention.

He’s tall, confident looking, about the right age. Is this him? he looks furtively left and right….
yes, must be him! Eyes eventually meet and nervous smiles light up faces. Introductions are
made, more drinks ordered. Let’s hope he can actually hold a conversation, she thought.
Turns out they were talking for hours, getting on like the proverbial house on fire, and are
still together today.

Our lipstick is named after this tale of romance. I saw it all happen, I was there –
at the bar named Wicked Lady. I’ve worn it many times, and it gives me the sass and
confidence to seize the day, I’m sure it will for you!


Myah: Lipstick sophistication

In developing Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick for darker skin tones, this lipstick is the first
on my list. It is my very favourite. A personal story, it is the story of a mother who, having all
boys of her own, being given the gift of a precious, charming and bright granddaughter.

There are no adjectives to adequately describe Myah my granddaughter. Myah the lipstick however,
you can describe. The plum red of the lipstick is one of Myah’s favourite colours – and just like her,
is vivacious and fun with a slightly cheeky side! There is room for more than a hint of sophistication
though, as I have matched this colour perfectly with business wear and the pressures of my working day.
I have also found it to be a good choice when just out having fun, too.



Lipstick: Choosing our first range of colours

colour notes_toyin

As a young woman growing up in Kaduna, Nigeria it was always a struggle to find cosmetics that suited my skin tone and that blended well with my general look. I am a true ‘melanin’ woman, with quite dark skin. The foundation colours then available for darker skin toned women were either too light with a yellow tinge or too red, which made me look baked and unnatural! I found myself developing a technique where I would mix different off-the-shelf products together to achieve the effect I needed. I’m sure I wasn’t alone!

Happily the situation today is much improved as the world has gotten smaller, with fashion and style now truly international, but for me, blending my own colour had become part of my daily makeup routine, and so I decided to design my own range. Dark Secrets Cosmetics will be that range of products, starting with a range of lipsticks I have chosen carefully to suit any occasion, and not just for darker skin tones – anyone can wear them with confidence! I agonised over the names, I wanted them to mean something, if only to me! I drew inspiration from both my upbringing and environment and also my life today.


Our first lipstick range is:

Matte finish:

Turn heads with this stunning colour.

Vivacious, intense and fun, but with more than a hint of sophistication.

Deep Ocean
Resourceful, bold and empowered. The world is yours.

Black Nectar
You are that rare and exotic flower. For that unique occasion where confidence is key.

Natural 4
A shade of Africa, from the very road we travel.

Satin finish:

Scarlet Woman
You will certainly make an impression with this rich colour. Party time!

Exotic Wine
Set the mood, glance across the dinner table. Irresistable!

True Blue
Naughty by nature, with a hint of scandal. 

Wicked Lady
Tantalising and luscious. 

Charismatic with a timeless beauty.

Coco Earth
Rich, full colour. Wear anytime, anywhere.

Misty Red
Business or pleasure? Sophisticated and in control for any occasion.

Two shades, from the river of life.

Our first photoshoot

On a cold windy day back in November 2016, we descended on photographer
Dan Tidswell’s studio in Colchester, UK, to photograph our first lipstick range.
Aimed principally at women of colour of all ages, the images were to nod heavily towards
West African and specifically Yoruba culture, with a contemporary, pulse quickening mood.
It was such a good day, and we took the opportunity to shoot a ‘behind the scenes’ style video
too, deftly shot by Chris Reeve. More on that later.

Roger Whitelock took the photos, and the makeup artist was fellow Nigerian Joy Adenuga.
Joy also suggested the fantastic models Shumi, Alexsandrah and Suelen. They needed very
little in terms of art direction, so professional…thanks ladies!

YUGE thank you to everyone involved, it really was a great day!

Bless you all.