Let kindness be your reflex

Have you ever been washing up a sink full of dishes, elbow deep in bubbles, scrubbing away with your to-do list running through your mind like movie credits? Your mind wanders for a moment as you try to remember what time your appointment is tomorrow and you drop a large pot into the sink full of hot soapy water. The water splashes in your face, your immediate response is to shut your eyes without having to think twice. Your reflex is to prevent any harm that may come from soapy water getting into your eyes. 

As you go through the challenges of life, endeavour to react the same way. Don’t let hate or anger blur your vision. When someone is being negative, it is so easy to respond with the same energy, instead counter it with kindness. Before you think of the ten spiteful remarks you could make, six of which may be true, think of one thing kind to say. Wash away the anger, hurt or bitterness and let kindness be your reflex. 

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