Dark Secrets Cosmetics hot tips – know your skin undertone

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Your skin undertone is the colour underneath the surface.

Women of colour have largely been overlooked in the cosmetics world,
hence the reason why foundation available on the market are either
to ashy, grey or too red when applied. Market research indicated that
most women of colour have a combination of foundation to mix and
match to a perfect balance that suits them. Well look no further.

Dark Secrets Cosmetics foundation exclusively caters for women of colour.
Extensive research has gone into the design of these colours,
understanding and matching different skin undertones.

There can be only four things that could go wrong when choosing
a foundation colour; it can either be too light, too dark, too ashy or too red.

Test your undertone

Now the test. Turn your arm over and look at the inside of your wrist.
Do this with natural light. If your veins appear to be bluish or purple, then you skin has a cool undertone,
often fairer or lighter shade women of colour have cool undertones.

If your veins appear greener, then your skin undertone is warm; this is a characteristic of darker skin tone women.

If you look at your wrist and you cannot determine the colour of your veins, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

Recognising your undertone helps you match a foundation that will reflect your skin beautifully and give you
that flawless professional look.

At Dark Secrets Cosmetics we recognise that women of colour may have similar skin type i.e. fair skin but have
different undertone. Our range of products is tailored to support these unique differences.

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