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Weekend Hue

The weekend is here. It’s a chance to recharge and renew, the perfect time to change things up from your everyday ensemble.
Show off your fun and flirty side if you’ve been buttoned up all week in office attire. Get glammed up for date night if you’re a
busy mum whose to-do list never seems to get done. Try a new shade of lipstick to complete your look.
At Dark Secrets Cosmetics we have colours to suit every skin tone, you will go from ordinary to extraordinary with just one swipe.

Put on your True blue, you’re a trendsetter not afraid to take risks.

Put on your Deep Ocean, you’re bold and courageous, never too shy to say no.

Put on your Coco Earth, you’re a natural beauty that dazzles wherever you go. 

Put on your Violet, this royal shade will make you feel like you’re next in line to the throne.

Put on your Exotic Wine, and captivate them with your smile, you are simply irresistible.

Perfect for the weekend, perfect for weekdays too. With our new range of lipsticks, you will be photo shoot ready
wherever you go. Start your collection today!

Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick lineup

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Waste of makeup

We’ve all had one of those days. It started off so great, the birds were chirping as we arose on time after a restful night’s sleep. No need to hit the snooze button. We had ample time to do our makeup, finally perfecting our eyebrows after spending weeks attempting to get the perfect arch. We cruised to work, on the way there was no traffic and every single traffic light was green. We sailed through the door grinning from ear to ear ready to tackle the tasks ahead and check off our to-do list… but by 10:00 a.m. the Prince of Darkness had already reared his awful head. 

We got into a heated confrontation with a co-worker and had to seriously consider resigning on the spot. By 11:00 a.m. the Internet crashed, slowing us down even further when we already had a backlog from yesterdays workload. By midday things were going downhill fast, we dropped and cracked the screen of the brand new phone we had just got two days prior and stood in line three hours for. Things only seemed to get worse as the day progressed. By the time we got home after sitting in traffic for almost two hours due to roadworks, we slumped over the steering wheel so deflated, we had to take a moment to compose ourselves. We got inside the house, stomach growling only to find slim pickings in the refrigerator, we let out a deep sigh and said “today was a total waste of makeup.”

We have all been there. It may not have been the same scenario but the feeling at the end of the day was the same. Was today really necessary? Did that have to happen to me? Yes it was and yes it did. Every negative experience in life is a learning lesson. Every bad encounter is in preparation for next time, should it ever occur again. Don’t let it get you down, instead ask yourself, how can I grow from this? What can I do differently next time? Even the worst days can build strength and character. Not everyday can be perfect, life is bound to throw punches. But by reflecting on those past experiences you’ll be armoured up perfectly for the next round of jabs that come your way. It would be great if we could sail through life wrapped in jumbo bubble wrap, where no harm could penetrate and troubles would bounce away but what kind of life would that be? When life’s inevitable pitfalls occur, it can make you appreciate what you have more, cherish your loved ones more, give you hope for tomorrow and make you even more grateful for the delightful days ahead. They are sure to come. It sounds cliche but it could always be worse. Be thankful for each day no matter how bad it was, you made it through. It will be a brighter day tomorrow, so put that makeup back on that beautiful face. You can handle the challenges, it’s not a waste.

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Don’t like your pout, don’t throw it out!

You tested out a new lipstick at the beauty counter. It looked great under the mirror lights,
the mirror that magically makes you appear to be ten pounds thinner too, but once you get
home you’re just not loving the colour as much. Here are 3 quick tips to make that
lipstick work for you. 

1. Blend Away

If a lipstick colour is too dark or too light and doesn’t compliment your skin tone,
try blending two different colours to get the perfect look. 

2. Gloss it Out

Add a very light coat of lipstick with a touch of clear lip gloss over the top.
Voila! A whole new look.

3. Line those lips

Find the right lip liner, the right lip liner can change the effect off a lipstick.
Try a liner that is one shade lighter or darker than the lipstick, or one shade
darker than your natural lip colour. You can add more or less lip liner and
then blend it with the lipstick to create a look that works for you.

At Dark Secrets Cosmetics we have lipsticks to suit every skin tone.
Try one out today, you won’t regret your purchase.


Believe they are true

When someone pays you a compliment, do you say “thank you, I appreciate your kind words”
or are you quick to respond with a counter-argument?

Examples being: “Really, I haven’t lost any weight. Have you seen the size of these thighs?
In fact I’ve gained a few pounds, I’ve been eating too many pies.”

“I look younger, that can’t be, I look every bit of my age and more, no father time has
not been kind to me.”

“I look pretty today, thank you, but, I can’t hide these blemishes or clear this skin up.”

Does that sound like you? If so, work on erasing those negative thoughts from your mind.
If someone pays you a compliment, be glad they did and accept it.
There is no need to refute it, believe it is true. 

It’s always so easy to downplay our beauty and exaggerate our flaws. Everybody has flaws.
Even those who are considered the most beautiful people in the world have their own insecurities.
We must learn to see the beauty in everyone and focus on their positive attributes.
In doing so we will accentuate the positive in ourselves.

Wipe away negativity. Just like the energetic school teacher feverishly cleaning an old blackboard
in a classroom. They could wipe away the words but there would still be chalk residue.
The more words the teacher wrote and wiped away, the greater the build up of chalk residue
there would be on the blackboard, changing the colour from black to ashy grey to almost white.
That’s how negative thoughts creep in and settle in our minds, the longer we leave those words
of doubt engraved in our psyche, the harder they are to erase. It’s time for us to bring out that special cleaner.

There is no time like the present, start right now and celebrate something you love about yourself today.
Receive the compliments and know they are true. You are uniquely you, there is no one like you.

We come in all shapes and sizes, we come in all hues. Here at Dark Secrets Cosmetics,
we celebrate the beauty in you.

Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick lineup

Put some flowers on your own table

It’s amazing what we will do for others but won’t do for ourselves. We may spend hundreds
on our loved ones and mere pennies on our self. Pennies we didn’t even have because we gave
everything away, it’s the pennies we found frantically searching down the side of the sofa and
under the seat cushion, digging our hands way down in the unknown from corner to corner
in the hopes of striking gold. 

Just recently I decided to treat my friend to a bunch of flowers, she had been feeling down
and I knew some nice flowers would cheer her up. I had just left work and it was drizzling
outside but that didn’t deter me, I had to find the perfect bouquet. The first shop I went to
the flowers were too small and plain looking, I tried combining two bunches but none gave
the right effect. I drove to another shop, the flowers there looked too artificial, they had been
dyed such bright and unnatural shades they didn’t even look like real flowers anymore.
So l went to another branch, by now the drizzle had turned into a steady pour. It was
getting dark and gloomy outside but I was steadfast on my mission to find the perfect bouquet.
It had to be the perfect arrangement, with the perfect color saturation and fill her home with
the sweet aroma of freshly picked flowers. Third time is the charm I thought, but that wasn’t
the case. The flowers I liked there were already in full bloom and wouldn’t last long enough.
So I drove to yet another location, the rain was so heavy by now just walking from my car to
the shop front, rainwater had soaked through my shoes. It was there I finally found some
great selections. I pondered between two choices for a while, still indecisive after the amount
of time I had been out, I finally settled on a great floral arrangement. Yellow roses, white
wax flowers, green carnations, a touch of baby’s breath, just the right amount of greenery.
Perfect. Ready to present.

Now if these flowers had been for me I would easily have given up after my first attempt,
“I’ll get flowers another day” I’d think to myself, but that day may not come for a while, if ever.
But for someone else I was willing to go above and beyond come rain, hail or thunderstorm.

It is always nice to do for someone else and put a smile on their face but don’t neglect yourself.
What do you do when you are feeling down? Spend some quality time and effort on yourself.
Treat yourself to a facial, a manicure, a new Dark Secrets lipstick, whatever makes you feel special.
You may not have found your Prince Charming yet to spoil you with flowers, that’s quite alright,
don’t wait around for someone else. In the meantime buy a beautiful bunch of flowers for yourself.
Ones that smell so sweet and make your heart smile.

Put some flowers on your own table.
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Summer Glow

As Summer is fast approaching, bringing on warmer weather and more daylight hours don’t forget to look up.
Now I don’t mean look directly at the Sun! We are so laser focused on looking down at our phones, just take
a moment to look up and look around you. Really, there are health benefits to it. Your body produces
vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Going for a brisk walk can boost your mood, and help trim that waistline!

Just getting outside sometimes can be a stress reliever, then you won’t need as much make up to achieve that
summer glow. Breathe in some fresh air, look around, you may begin to marvel at mother nature. The trees
that were so dull and scant now full and lush with green foliage, the colorful array of spring flowers in full
bloom, the little red robin that just learned how to fly; it’s small but perfectly formed wings dancing in the
daylight. Spend some time in the great outdoors this summer.

See the beauty in nature and see the beauty in you.



Be fabulous!

Be fabulous at 40! Be fabulous at any age!

Put on that happy face.

Cheers to 40. I used to dread getting older but now I embrace it. Not another year older but another year wiser.
I didn’t even celebrate my last birthday. Instead of going out with friends I chose to stay at home so I didn’t
have to say my age out loud, or hear it . The next morning I thought to myself, I am still one year older than
I was yesterday. Did my wallowing in self pity turn back the hands of time? Did my frown add another year
to my life? From that moment on I decided each new day is a day to be celebrated. And I would never spend
another birthday feeling sorry for myself because every day above ground is a blessing.

So how will you embrace the start of each new day? Do not let your age define you. You are never too old to
start again. Before you get to that next birthday have you set that plan in motion to realize your dreams?
I am not the same person I was in my twenties, and am grateful for the life experiences that shaped the
person I am today. I am still evolving. What else is there for me to learn and draw upon?  I look forward
to the next decade. 

Every new day is a chance to rediscover yourself. It’s time to stop procrastinating and be just what world is
waiting for. Put on that bold lipstick color, put on your happy face and seize the day. What lipstick color
makes you feel fierce and fabulous? Put it on today and say here I come world, here I come.



Makeup Tip

Toyin’s Tips 

When wearing makeup enhance your most flattering feature. If your lips are your best feature, wear bright or strong lipstick colours.  

Many women with melanin rich skin tend to have fuller lips. Accentuate your lips with a pencil liner that is as close as possible to the lipstick colour you are wearing. Alternatively you could use a lipstick brush dabbed on lipstick and line your lips that way. This works for me, I prefer softer lines. Many black women use darker lipstick liner, but I find the harshness of the colour could take away the beauty of full lips. I tend to avoid black pencil when lining my lips. 

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Carpe Diem

It’s never too late to realise your dreams and make a difference in the world.
My modus oparandi is seize the moment, this is my moment to enter the stage
to promote women of colour and give something back. I have always followed
my instinct and this venture is something I am very proud of and I hope you
join me in the journey.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to supporting charities in Africa.

The Lipstick collection will be launched first followed by the foundation.
We plan to introduce other products in the brand to include;

  • Hair products
  • Afro Prints – Dashiki
  • Perfumes
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Afro print bags
  • Wigs

Our lipstick collection is chosen carefully to suit any occasion, and not just for
darker skin tones…anyone can wear them with confidence! I agonised over naming
the lipsticks, and ideally wanted them to mean something, if only to me! I drew
inspiration from my African upbringing and also from aspects of my life as it is today.