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Carpe Diem

It’s never too late to realise your dreams and make a difference in the world.
My modus oparandi is seize the moment, this is my moment to enter the stage
to promote women of colour and give something back. I have always followed
my instinct and this venture is something I am very proud of and I hope you
join me in the journey.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to supporting charities in Africa.

The Lipstick collection will be launched first followed by the foundation.
We plan to introduce other products in the brand to include;

  • Hair products
  • Afro Prints – Dashiki
  • Perfumes
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Afro print bags
  • Wigs

Our lipstick collection is chosen carefully to suit any occasion, and not just for
darker skin tones…anyone can wear them with confidence! I agonised over naming
the lipsticks, and ideally wanted them to mean something, if only to me! I drew
inspiration from my African upbringing and also from aspects of my life as it is today.



Our first photoshoot

On a cold windy day back in November 2016, we descended on photographer
Dan Tidswell’s studio in Colchester, UK, to photograph our first lipstick range.
Aimed principally at women of colour of all ages, the images were to nod heavily towards
West African and specifically Yoruba culture, with a contemporary, pulse quickening mood.
It was such a good day, and we took the opportunity to shoot a ‘behind the scenes’ style video
too, deftly shot by Chris Reeve. More on that later.

Roger Whitelock took the photos, and the makeup artist was fellow Nigerian Joy Adenuga.
Joy also suggested the fantastic models Shumi, Alexsandrah and Suelen. They needed very
little in terms of art direction, so professional…thanks ladies!

YUGE thank you to everyone involved, it really was a great day!

Bless you all.