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Beauty tips for melanin rich women

Over the years I have struggled to find makeup for women with darker skin tones. All you saw in beauty magazines were fair skinned or mixed race gorgeous looking women. I rarely saw women who looked liked me gracing the covers of the beauty magazines. It made me wonder what it was about melanin rich women. Were we not considered beautiful? Why weren’t we getting the attention we deserved? However this is changing and nowadays, I am proud to see beautiful dark skinned women are more heavily featured on magazine covers and on the runway. Embrace your dusky complexion and here are some amazing beauty tips to keep you “cover girl” ready and on top of your game!

petroleum jelly application


1.) Moisturise daily
Dark skin not adequately moisturised can look ashy and grey. A famous dermatologist once told me, “Petroleum Jelly is still the best moisturiser for dark skin.” This can be heavy so use sparingly and apply a thin layer for a healthy glowing effect.

2.) Hand hygiene
We live in a bacteria filled world. It is important to have excellent hand hygiene so germs are not ingested and or passed on to our skin which is the largest organ.


3.) Foundation – Match your foundation to your skin undertone. A lot of dark skinned women wear foundation that does not match their skin undertone. The trick to knowing you have chosen the correct foundation is when it blends perfectly with your skin tone. Check out my post about knowing your skin undertone.

4.) Lipstick – Choose Lipstick that complements your skin undertone. Try to avoid lipstick that creates too much contrast to your skin tone for example bright pink. Wear dark colours. Check out Dark Secrets Cosmetics stunning lipstick collection.

Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick lineup

5.) Eye shadows – Use dark eye shadows that blend beautifully with dark skin. After all makeup should enhance your best features and down play the rest. The best colours for melanin rich women are greens, burgundy, gold, copper, natural deep browns and so on. Smokey eyes are simply stunning on dusky skin.

Above all love yourself. There is no other person as unique as you so look in the mirror and be proud of who and what you are!


Myah: This month’s best seller

This deep and dark matte lipstick is simply stunning! There is an incredible story behind this name.
This lipstick is about taking a chance and making it work. Myah makes me vulnerable,
protective, loved beyond all understanding and sad that time is moving too fast.
This lipstick is named after my granddaughter – Myah. She is a very bright six years
who is wise beyond her years and tells me always she loves me more.

Myah gives me hope that tomorrow is another day and all is well.
I hope this lipstick gives you the joy it gives me when I wear it.



Makeup Tip

Toyin’s Tips 

When wearing makeup enhance your most flattering feature. If your lips are your best feature, wear bright or strong lipstick colours.  

Many women with melanin rich skin tend to have fuller lips. Accentuate your lips with a pencil liner that is as close as possible to the lipstick colour you are wearing. Alternatively you could use a lipstick brush dabbed on lipstick and line your lips that way. This works for me, I prefer softer lines. Many black women use darker lipstick liner, but I find the harshness of the colour could take away the beauty of full lips. I tend to avoid black pencil when lining my lips. 

scarletwoman 2 suelen

Carpe Diem

It’s never too late to realise your dreams and make a difference in the world.
My modus oparandi is seize the moment, this is my moment to enter the stage
to promote women of colour and give something back. I have always followed
my instinct and this venture is something I am very proud of and I hope you
join me in the journey.

A percentage of the proceeds will go to supporting charities in Africa.

The Lipstick collection will be launched first followed by the foundation.
We plan to introduce other products in the brand to include;

  • Hair products
  • Afro Prints – Dashiki
  • Perfumes
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Afro print bags
  • Wigs

Our lipstick collection is chosen carefully to suit any occasion, and not just for
darker skin tones…anyone can wear them with confidence! I agonised over naming
the lipsticks, and ideally wanted them to mean something, if only to me! I drew
inspiration from my African upbringing and also from aspects of my life as it is today.



Dark Secrets Cosmetics hot tips – know your skin undertone

coco earth_alex

Your skin undertone is the colour underneath the surface.

Women of colour have largely been overlooked in the cosmetics world,
hence the reason why foundation available on the market are either
to ashy, grey or too red when applied. Market research indicated that
most women of colour have a combination of foundation to mix and
match to a perfect balance that suits them. Well look no further.

Dark Secrets Cosmetics foundation exclusively caters for women of colour.
Extensive research has gone into the design of these colours,
understanding and matching different skin undertones.

There can be only four things that could go wrong when choosing
a foundation colour; it can either be too light, too dark, too ashy or too red.

Test your undertone

Now the test. Turn your arm over and look at the inside of your wrist.
Do this with natural light. If your veins appear to be bluish or purple, then you skin has a cool undertone,
often fairer or lighter shade women of colour have cool undertones.

If your veins appear greener, then your skin undertone is warm; this is a characteristic of darker skin tone women.

If you look at your wrist and you cannot determine the colour of your veins, you most likely have a neutral undertone.

Recognising your undertone helps you match a foundation that will reflect your skin beautifully and give you
that flawless professional look.

At Dark Secrets Cosmetics we recognise that women of colour may have similar skin type i.e. fair skin but have
different undertone. Our range of products is tailored to support these unique differences.

Articles for further reading:    Everything You Need to Know About Your Skin’s Undertone    Ethnic Makeup: Matching Foundation for Dark Skin

Lipstick stories: Natural, or nude colours

These colours are inspired by my native land Mama Africa. The dirt road, different shades of brown surrounded with lush green untouched forest.
Trees alive, leaves kissing and breathing life to us. Osun the goddess of fertility has been watching over her people for years. The calm and peace
of the forest overwhelming. It’s a home coming, Africa my Africa.

The rich browns of the colour blend well with all melanin tones. These colours have a sophistication with a hint of mysticism that is charismatic
and sacred just like Osun. You will love these colours because they are your everyday wear that speaks boldly about your heritage.

You will love these colours. They speak boldly about your African heritage, but are suitable for absolutely anyone, wherever you are from.


Lipstick stories: Lola

Lola detailA lipstick to live by:

Be inspired by Lola, she is strong,
regal, touched by life and still
smiles through it all.

Lola is my most beloved sister.
Without her this vision would
not have happened. Family is
what we have, and I hope wearing
Lola will inspire you not to limit
yourself or dwell in what others
perceive. Enjoy wearing this beautiful
colour- my sister’s favourite and
live your life to the fullest.


First impression

With Dark Secrets Cosmetics lipstick for darker skin tones, first impressions matter.

She sat at the table in the corner with a full glass of red wine. Blind date.
She sipped from her glass whilst glancing around the bar. The atmosphere is pretty chilled,
some couples appeared to have been together a long time, others not, you can just tell.
People watching can be fun, but then a guy arrives, and holds her attention.

He’s tall, confident looking, about the right age. Is this him? he looks furtively left and right….
yes, must be him! Eyes eventually meet and nervous smiles light up faces. Introductions are
made, more drinks ordered. Let’s hope he can actually hold a conversation, she thought.
Turns out they were talking for hours, getting on like the proverbial house on fire, and are
still together today.

Our lipstick is named after this tale of romance. I saw it all happen, I was there –
at the bar named Wicked Lady. I’ve worn it many times, and it gives me the sass and
confidence to seize the day, I’m sure it will for you!